HI Supreme Goggles

HI Supreme Smiley Kickboard

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  • Expertly Crafted Contours for Versatile Grip Positions
  • Durable 100% EVA Foam Material – Perfect for All Water Conditions
  • Eye-Catching Stylish Smiley Design to Uplift Swimmer
  • The Ultimate Swim Companion
  • Ideal for Competitive, Fitness Swimmers, Kids and Beachgoers

HI Supreme Swim Cap (2-Pack)

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100% Silicone - 2-PACK

Unisex Swimming Cap: Ideal accessory for both men and women. Crafted with a streamlined design, they minimize drag and ensure a secure fit, safeguarding your hair against chlorine.

Comfort and Performance: Experience a snug fit that shields hair from chlorine. Our lightweight cap boasts a contoured design, optimizing both comfort and speed in the water.

Vibrant Choices for Adults: Elevate your swimming sessions with our array of solid and spotted color options. These lively hues infuse fun into your swim gear, making our cap a must-have for every swim enthusiast.

Diverse Color Palette: Explore a range of solid and spotted colors with our swim caps. From everyday swimmers to water polo players, there's a shade to reflect every personality. Dive in style!

Maintain dry hair and protect it from pool chemicals with our Swim Cap. Suitable for both seasoned swimmers and water polo players, this cap is an indispensable addition to your swim routine.


HI Supreme ClearSight Pro Mask