Hi, my name is Cameron Smith, founder of HI Supreme. I had my first pair of goggles at 6 months old and I have spent countless goggled hours in the pool and in the ocean since then. As a Hawai'i state champion swimmer and National Champion water polo player, I know goggles. I know what works, what doesn’t work, and what all swimmers are looking for in their perfect goggle quest. You might think this quest involves things like comfort, leak-free-fog-free vision, and adjustable sizing in the nose piece and straps. And you’d be right. But the other thing that only swimmers know is that goggles disappear… It’s one of those mysteries of the ages. We have talented sleuths looking into it as we speak. Until the mystery is solved, I know that the quest for the perfect goggles also needs to involve finding a way to have an awesome pair of goggles always on hand. That's why with every goggle purchase, you get one free!
Save money, see clearly, swim on!

Purpose Driven

Our goal is to give the highest quality water gear, to the most number of people, for the lowest possible price. We strive to provide gear that leads to the embrace of that magnificent moment of being in the water that all swimmers and wave riders live for. Additionally, we aim to alleviate the pain and frustration associated with losing overpriced water gear to the abyss, while at the same time supporting the cleanliness and preservation of our marine environments.


The focus is on inspiring, transforming, and bringing out the best in ourselves and the people around us.


We value and uphold the values of Hawai'i embodied by aloha, fellowship, and taking care of the ocean.

Phone: 808-546-0766

1050 Queen St. Suite 100
Honolulu HI 96814

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